Nowadays, many couples are choosing beach weddings as they realize they can say their vows in paradise, at just a fraction of the cost of a church wedding.

However, planning the perfect beach wedding requires endless hours of research, and it can be very stressful for those who do not plan it right. If you want that your dream wedding to come true, you need to focus on the right things that will make your big day a success!

Here are top 5 tips to make your beach wedding day memorable and stress free at the same time:

Tip #1: Treat It Like A Vacation

Many couples get bogged down with a number of things including wedding budget plans, invitations, wedding dress and more. Your beach wedding is a significant commitment of time and money.Visit Wedding Myrtle Beach for more details.

Take your wedding time as an opportunity to enjoy your best moments with your friends and family. Stay excited and do not panic!

Tip #2: Know Your Beach Venue

The biggest mistake while choosing a venue for your beach wedding would be not knowing anything about it. You need to get familiar with the beaches in the destination where you plan to get married; some may be better suited to having your ceremony than others.

For example, the beach at Key West’s Fort Zachary Taylor is a state park and undoubtedly the prettiest beach on the island, but if you want to get married at sunset, you’ll have to kiss and run since the park closes when the sun goes down.

Tip #3: Local Weather Knowledge

You can’t control the weather, but you can consider the tides and the time of the year while deciding your wedding venue and date. Some beaches are known to have strong winds off the ocean at certain times of the year. You do not want bad weather to wreck havoc with your hairdo and your wedding decorations.

Choose a wedding destination that’s suitable for high tide. Local weather knowledge is invaluable for planning a perfect beach wedding.

Tip #4: Transportation To/From The Beach Venue

Often people forget to check the transportation to/from the wedding location. This may cause trouble for you and your guests. You may want to look into ways of having the wedding at the beach, and at the same time be able to move easily to a different venue for the reception. Most tourist destinations have great transportation options, and you should pick your beach wedding destination carefully. For example, your wedding party would have a blast riding around Key West on the Open Air Conch Train.

Tip #5: Send Invitations Early

As soon as you have zeroed down on your beach wedding venue and your guest list is ready, start mailing your invitations. You do not want to miss your close friends on your special day just because they didn’t get your invite on time. This will also give your guests enough time to plan their travel and save on last moment airfares. Send invitations about 2 to 3 months in advance.

In addition, you can do a few “small” things that can make a big difference during the beach wedding. For example, you can provide inexpensive “flip flops” for the ladies in your bridal party so that they don’t have to navigate the sand in street shoes.

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