Drug addiction can strike any family, no matter what the income, education level or nationality. It can and does strike the old and the young, women and men and sadly, children too. A college professor or a waiter in the Bronx, a young mother in a suburb of Southern California or a ranch hand in Montana. It does not matter. Our environment has an abundance of addictive substances. The only thing that really matters is that when a good person is lost to addiction, they can be returned to a productive, enjoyable life once again.

The first problem that often has to be overcome in helping someone overcome addiction is understanding that the problem actually IS addiction. When a person uses drugs or alcohol to the point that they are experiencing damage to his or her life, and they continue using… when they refuse to admit there is a problem… when they lie and manipulate those around them… when problem after problem shows up… when there’s missing money or valuables or unexplained losses of jobs… when families are neglected and it all goes on and on. That is not a drinking problem or a drug problem. It is addiction. The handling for addiction is a drug or alcohol rehabilitation program.You may find more details about this at young adult rehab.

If you’re facing this situation in your own life or in the life of a loved one, you need to seek out a rehab for drug abuse and get this person started on that program. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, a rehab for drug abuse of longer than 90 days has the most promise of being effective. That can guide you past many short term programs.

Short term programs are sometimes timed to last as long as medical insurance generally covers and then they quit. A recovering person may just have had time to detox thoroughly and start feeling sober again when they are sent back out to life to deal with the same issues that may have driven them to start drinking or using drugs in the first place. Boredom, stress, worry, problems at work, in a marriage, personal fears, a feeling that one does not fit in – all these and more have been given as reasons for abusing drugs or alcohol.

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