Grammar editing software has come a long way since the early 1990s. In addition to spelling and word suggestions, these programs now analyze documents at the phrase and sentence levels, providing writers with a valuable tool that when used properly, can prove the perfect editing partner.

Provides a quick once-over, highlighting red flags and definite typos, as well as grammar and punctuation errors.
Offers a vast database of synonyms, which can help polish up one’s writing.
Provides mini-lessons and/or grammar reminders. For instance, the passive voice is often flagged.

Bottom line, any grammar-checking software should be used as an editor, not as a writer. As for the options available, consider the titles below. These are the most helpful (and popular) for writers of all levels, from students to business professionals.

Microsoft Word
A pioneer in editing software, Microsoft Word is the most widely used word processor in the world. Fortunately, it comes with its own spelling and grammar check, which first debuted in 1992. Since then, Word has continued to lead the field as far as simplifying writing tasks. Not only does it check documents at the word, phrase, and sentence level, but also assists with formatting and overall presentation. Click here writer editor software

Perhaps the most popular of all solo grammar checkers, Whitesmoke works with Microsoft Word and MSN Messenger. It helps not only with documents, but with correspondences as well. Its aim is to enrich one’s writing and to do so, Whitesmoke offers over 6,000,000 enrichment corrections and over 7,400,000 grammar corrections. The program checks for passive voice, overused words, and overly verbose phrasing.

Serenity Software’s Editor is made to help writers refine their prose. It doesn’t simply check for typos or subject-verb agreement; rather, it analyzes a document at three levels: word, phrase, and sentence. It works best as a proofreader for writers who are confident in their writing. It offers six different modes, including Fix, Tighten, and Polish.

StyleEase is for academic writers who want to focus on content rather than formatting. It simplifies citations, as well as reference entries for APA, MLA, Chicago/Turabian, and Seminary style. Works with Microsoft Word.

Again, grammar-checking software can prove useful if used properly. The biggest “con” to such software is that it can make a writer too reliant on it. While it sets out to help writers, it can also make writers doubt themselves. Remember, you are the writer. The writing should reflect “you,” not a computer program.


Grammar Editing Software – Lots of Good Choices!

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