Onechanbara Z2 Chaos Review

Onechanbara Z2 Chaos was released last year in Japan and now it is available for the rest of the world. Its Western release is not the first time the series is made its way to western shores, so they should be legions of fans well pleased with new Onechanbara Z2 Chaos in anime universe that can play it easily with free psn redeem codes option!

In a nutshell players assume the roles of sister hunters and their story can largely be ignored for the most part of the game. What all players really need to know is that there are zombies and other beasts needing to be killed in the game! The other thing that’s apparent is teh fact that the sisters are dressed in bikinis. If you could ignore the titillating and inappropriate looks of the characters then you’ll find quite a sort of action game.

The gameplay is very interesting,  you can can hot-swap between the four counters who each have their own attack style as well as two main weapon and assault weapon. You can save their own set of skills and dodge, evade, slowing down time and allowing  neat counterattacks. You also have an option to manually heal wounds. You will also have an option  to upgrade weapons moves and ability, enhancing rings and other equipment. The combat itself is pretty satisfying against varied opponents such as zombies and large boss characters with the selection of moves available for each of the ladies attacks.

 In terms of visuals the game looks a little bit outdated with  low resolution textures used for the environment which can only be described as such – outdated. When viewing up close you can clearly see a lack of texture detail in the character design and their outfits. Attack animation effects will fill entire screen with a mash up of colors making it hard to actually tell what is what! The camera can also be a little problematic, which isn’t great for this type of game.

Audio is a good quality with some competent voice acting for the main characters despite the script being a little awkward.  At times the ladies are likable although the music behind them is probably an acquired taste as it’s filled with screeching guitars and up-tempo tracks to suit the gameplay. Other sound effects are as expected, so there’s not much to tell, it worked as intended. Onechanbara Z2 Chaos is mediocre action game that can entertain you for a while, but then you will turn back to some other, more valuable games that can offer more content.

Hatoful Boyfriend Playstation 4 review

Hatoful Boyfriend is a strange a game that will intrigue you from the beginning you start to play it. The game isn’t about bird watching or making cages, this is about learning and developing one character and crazy simulation in very twisted surrounding. We must admit that this simulation possess extremely good written story, interesting game mechanic and after all originality that you can immediately experiance via playstation plus code generator

Well, at the beginning of this game you are a pigeon, well not exactly but you are student of exclusive all bird Institute! That is certainly very unusual! You will match a girl at school that you would like to date, and at that point the fun starts, or we may say absurdity starts. Hatoful Boyfriend is not a long game, you will need only a couple of hours to finish it. However, if you want to complete all alternate paths of the game you can play on a different ways that increase gameplay. You will try to soul mystery known only to birds and strange story will force you to go deeper in the game. Basically, Hatoful Boyfriend is dating simulation that only requires mouse clicks in the game. You may think that that is not suitable for a game in 2015, but you will be surprised with creativity that this present in the game. Statistics can be upgraded, and they standard like vitality or wisdom.

They can be a level up by solving different puzzles or through random events. It is still not clear on what aspects of the game they affect, at least we didn’t understand the basic concept implemented in the game. Besides that, game offers interesting from the beginning, when you enter school and meet datable birds, you will be hooked and puzzled with story of the game. You may feel best time is busing to quickly in the game, at least we got such impression. Hatoful Boyfriend is not the game that is made by usual male roles of dating in similar sim like games.

You will be able to play with the best friend, the shy guy, playful bully and few others that pushes the line of customization that we usually expect from such game. You will be the only human in the game, and dating with birds brings interesting almost ironic atmosphere in the game. Hatoful Boyfriend is certainly original and creative game that will give you a few hours of fun. After you play this game you will never look at birds with the same eyes!

Ultimate Hog Riders Guide

Clash of Clans is very interesting strategic game that became a worldwide known brand and the role-play model for many new games. One of the most interesting units in the game are Hog Riders that became a sort of icon for this game. We created this short guide that will help you to learn and understand basic gameplay with this unit.

The Hog Riders are very funny units, writing on the large pig/hog, with huge packs in a hand. There are some kind of barbarians riding a hog with large warhammer. They can jump over the walls and that will give you a great advantage over enemy base. Hog Riders does very high damage per second and also they have moderate amount of hit points, that makes them very efficient units in the game. Their preferred targets are defensive structures and they will run over any other types of buildings or even units in order to attack any defensive structure on the battlefield. They will not attack Clan Castle because from some reason they do not recognize it as defensive structure. When they destroy all defenses structures and buildings on the but the field they start to behave like any other unit with no preferred target attacking buildings and troops nearby.To gain additional resources check clash of clans hack app to secure fast production of your Hog Riders.

There are several useful offenses strategies that utilize the power of Hog Riders. They can jump over high level walls and attack defensive structure behind. One of the best strategies is to use huge amount of hog riders combined with Jump Spell to gain additional speed. They are in some sense similar to barbarians, but they do not require wall breakers to be successful. From other side you will need significant amount of dark elixir to produce larger numbers of hog riders.

They are very capable to distract units like Giants because they have very similar health like Giants, but they move twice as quickly and do much more damage. Another combination that is very useful as hog riders combined with healing spell. That will give additional survivability to your units.In fact, the Hog Riders are one of the best units for distracting clan Castle troops because they can jump over the walls and enter deep to Clan Castle. Giant Bombs do extra damage to Hog Riders, so be sure to trigger as many Giant Bombs you can with small it troops like goblins or barbarians.

Giants, tanks in Clash of Clans

They are big and slow, but they are perfect protection for your Archers and Wizards. They are reliable Giants! The Giants are in fact one of the most often played units in Clash of Clans. It is also the first unit that will target defenses like it’s preferred target.

The Giants do not deal any significant damage and at the same time they are very slow. But, from other side they have extremely large health pool and they prefer to attack defensive structures. That makes them perfect tanks in Clash of Clans and backbone of every farming army. Production time for one giant is 2 min. and you will need five supply units to produce one giant. As we already mentioned, they are very slow units with speed of 12 tiles and defense structures as their preferred targets. They are best in the role of tank, capable to soak damage and protect other units. With upgrades Giants will gain additional hit points, so at level 6 giant will gain almost 300 health points making them most powerful unit at Town Hall level 5. Let us summarize, Giants are very easy to use and from that reason they are extremely popular.

But, they are not perfect. Because they have extremely low damage it will be very difficult for them to break enemy walls. That is almost impossible task for Giants. Good strategy is to place several Wall Breakers before your Giants. The greatest danger for any giant on the field is spring trap, so always try to clear way by deploying several goblins that could overrun such traps. After Town Hall level 8, Giants can be very useful for farming. A good combination is army of 10 Giants, Wall Breakers and Archers. The strategy is very simple; just drop your giant, then yours Wall Breakers and finally Archers. Do not try to build an army made exclusively of Giants, because it will not work.

Some players are trying such strategies with Giant only armies supported by a healing spell, but it is not very efficient approach. You must take in consideration that Giants are not cheap units and must calculate the cost of their production.You can help yourself a little with clash of clans cheats to get more resources, but still they are not cheap.Whatever strategy you may use, always deploy cheap units like Goblins or Archers to activate traps and then deploy your Giants.Giants are one of the most commonly used unit in Clash of Clans and we are hoping that this short article helped you on some way by explaining the very basic strategy. See you later, fellow gamers!

Mario Party 10 Review

One of the most popular video game characters, Mario is having a party once again, but this time it seems that the party is not as fun as we thought it wolud be! Mario Party 10 is trying to present some new ideas and concepts, which in my opinion are unnecessary burden to this Nintendo franchise.

Mario Party 10 is a board game where players take turns by rolling the dice. The goal of the game is to finish the boat with the more points than your opponents. There are many dangers and tasks along the way, presented in the form of mini games. All new ideas in Mario Party 10 are presented in three main modes. The first mode is car mode, where all players take turns driving a car, when you roll a dice everyone moves also. You can gain or lose points depending on a spot where you landed. There are a lot of events on each map. When you land on event spot, you will trigger minigame. The game is not simple, you will need to think a lot and make strategic movements along the road. Probably the developers wanted to raise the level of difficulty, which may be counterproductive because the players are mostly kids who are just searching for fun and not for weird puzzles. In our experience, too much things in game defense on pure chance and not on your skills.

They are different parties that you can use, and game’s second main mode is called Bowser Party. That is probably the best parts of the entire game because because it gives Mario Party 10 a kind of cooperative feeling. In this mode four players share a same car and travel together. The fifth player is trying to catch them and if you succeed all five players enter into the minigame where they must fight against Bowser. Amiibo Party is the third part of the game. This mode returns to the origin of the game where all players are moving around a square board. You can customize your board and special abilities.

Mario Party 10 is a not a bad game, there are many good spots in this title, but some ideas and concepts are not comfortable with the rest of the game. All that makes that Mario Party 10 is a lack of real Mario atmosphere that we expected from this title.